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What we've done Internationally


— Pakistan

Many children living in Pakistan face severe hunger and homelessness. Their parents are poor and not able to provide for their families so many of the children there go hungry, many homeless and without hope. Our mission partners in Khanewal, Pakistan feeds, educates and provide school supplies, candy, clothes and spend much time to ensure the children get the best education.

— Jamaica

Marie Cole Primary School is located in Burnt Ground District, St. Elizabeth. The number of children attending classes there is around 350. They are in desperate need of books, a cooling system (fans), playground equipment, computers, painting to enhance school appearance and renovated outdoor toilets. Volunteers are welcome to work alongside our team to help accomplish these objectives. No more should going to Jamaica an island appreciation trip, it’s time to lend a helping hand. Dates for this project release: JANUARY 2017. Register now!

— Haiti

Anse-A-Fleur a beautiful, remote village located approximately 8 1/2 hours away from Haiti’s capital, Port Au Prince, is home to some of the country’s poorest residents. Despite its picturesque location, the need for basic survival items are tremendous. Many of the homes located not far from the ocean, are made from mud and other material.

— India

We currently serve by providing food,clothes and sharing the good news of Jesus among tribal communities in the southern part of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh state in India; tribal individuals who are unreached, underprivileged, poorest of the poor and vulnerable

— Africa

The mission in Kenya Eldoret, is located within the Slum Town of Langas. We go to poor and homeless communities to show them that they are loved by serving them and teaching them how to become self sustaining. During visits of our missionaries there, we provide food, water and clothing while treating those who are infected with jiggers.

— Philippines

The swampy water is home to 135 adults and more than 40 children who, based on past history of the area, dates back to the 1970’s when early settlers began to develop crudely built bamboo homes as long term housing there, handas lived on top of the water since they as too poor to afford land.

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